Your Respect in Sport Parent will be required to be valid in order to register.
To complete your Respect in Sport Parent, please go to:

If you are registering to TRYOUT for the U18 AAA, U16 AAA, or U15 AAA, CLICK HERE to be forwarded to the Leduc Junior Athletic Club Website. To register for Leduc Minor Hockey please continue to read below.

Online Registration
Financial Assistance
U11 HADP, U13 AA, U15 AA, U18 AA Try Outs
North Central Impact Try Outs
Required Hockey Equipment
Level Adjustment Fees
New to Our Association
Respect in Sport
How To Register
Payment Options


The pre-Registration Deadline is July 31. Pre-registration is essential to Leduc Minor Hockey in order that we have a very close idea of the player numbers that we will be dealing with for next season. There is a non-refundable LATE FEE of $200.00 for all registrations received after July 31st. (Final Early Registration Day). The late fee does not apply to new members of our association. The purpose of this late fee is to ensure that everyone registers prior to this date so that we can plan accordingly with the registration numbers at each level.  These numbers are then used to determine our team numbers, request the amount of ice required from the City of Leduc, the number of goalies we have at each level, and so on.  Even if you think that your child may, or may not play, please ensure that you register to ensure that space is available. 

Please help us effectively plan for the upcoming season and REGISTER online prior to the July 31st pre-registration deadline.  We cannot be sure that space will be available for those who register after July 31.

1. LATE FEE is $200.00 for those current members not registering by July 31.  THE LATE FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

2. Respect in Sport is mandatory with Hockey Alberta and each new family must have one parent complete the course prior to the deadline.  


3. CREDIT CARD INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS are available as a payment option.


If you, or anyone you know, requires financial aid in order for their child to participate in the Leduc Minor Hockey Association program, please be aware that there are several programs available to remove the obstacles of kids participating in Minor Hockey. Some of the programs available are:

a. Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a national charitable program launched by the family of Canadian Tire companies in 2005. For more information visit:

b. Kidsport - Not all kids have the opportunity to be involved in sports. For those who dream of playing goalie, scoring goals, taking one for the team, and making new friends, it's all possible through KidSport. For a happier, healthier lifestyle for Alberta kids, KidSport makes a difference. With the help of sponsors, volunteers and dedicated directors and staff, more and more kids are getting the chance to play sports. For more information visit:

c. Hockey Canada Assist Fund -

d. Sport Central -Our primary goal is to gather, recycle and redistribute equipment to those kids who would otherwise be denied the opportunity to participate.  Volunteers donate time to collect, inventory, repair, and outfit those in need and raise funds to support operations. Gently used sports equipment is collected and sorted. Repairs are made to ensure the equipment is safe and serviceable. New equipment is often purchased to supplement supply and meet safety standards. "Kids" are referred by individuals or referral agencies, including schools, government departments, Community Leagues, and the Edmonton Police Services, and are outfitted by volunteers in the Sport Central Store.  Please visit  for further information and details of the program.


1. U11 HADP Tryout Fee (Payable to LMHA): $100
      Out-of-town players will be required to submit a U11 HADP Notification of Try Out online @ Hockey Alberta at U11 HADP - NOTIFICATION OF TRYOUT | Hockey Alberta

2. U13 AA, U15 AA, and U18 AA Tryout Fee (Payable to LMHA): $150
      Associations included in the Leduc Draw Zone for AA Hockey:  Calmar, Drayton Valley, Leduc, Millet, Thorsby, Warburg, Winfield

     **NEW for the 2022-23 Season:    Non-Leduc Resident players do not need to complete a Notification of Try Out Form**

* LMHA U15 AA and U18 AA Try Out Fee of $150 is required upon registering for LMHA tryouts, even if LJAC Try Out Fees have been already paid.


North Central Female U15 AA and Female U18 AA Tryout Fee (Payable to LMHA): $150
     Associations included in the North Central Draw Zone:
     Beaumont, Calmar, Camrose, Devon, Drayton Valley, Edson, Enoch, Hinton, Jasper, Leduc,
     Maskwacis, Millet, New Sarepta, Pembina, Rosalind, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Thorsby,
     Wabamun, Warburg, Wetaskiwin, Winfield
       **NEW for the 2022-23 Season:    Non-Leduc Resident players do not need to complete a Notification of Try Out Form**


The following is mandatory equipment for all minor hockey players:

Neck Guard
Chest Protector
Elbow Pads
Hockey Gloves
Hockey Pants
Shin Guards
Hockey Socks
Hockey Stick



For players making a competitive team (NCI U15, NCI U18, U11 HADP, U11 2, U13 AA, U13 1, U15 AA, U15 1, U18 AA, and U18 1) the Level Adjustment fee is payable, in addition to the base fee, only once the teams are established. Level Adjustment Fees are allocated to teams who have additional team costs such as: more than 1- one hour of ice practice per week, additional league games and referees, higher league registration fees, etc.  The deadline for payment of Level adjustment fees is Jan 15th of the playing season. If level adjustment fees are not paid at this time all playing privileges will be suspended as a member not in good standing.


Leduc Minor Hockey relies on events and activities such as Casinos, Oilers 50/50's, Tournaments, Raffle Ticket Sales, and other possible fundraising activities to fulfill our fundraising budget and maintain our fees as low as possible.

For each player in your family registered, LMHA requires a Fundraising/Volunteer Commitment of $500.  

There are a variety of Fundraising/Volunteer Options to Sign up for.

Each option is valued at $250.

For every player registered, you are required to select 2 options from the list below.

LMHA is using to organize the Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments, please use the links below to sign up for the options of your choice immediately after completing your registration.

There will be many events to earn your volunteer credits throughout the year such as:

1. Leduc Black Gold Rodeo
. Player Evaluations

3. Prize Table Item Valued at $250
4. U18 AA Tournament in September  
5. Raffle Ticket Sales 
6. Monetary Contribution 
7. City of Leduc Economic Impact Surveys 
. Adam Myers Tournament (TBA)
9. Gary Tremblay U7 Tournament (TBA)

Additional events may become available and will be updated and communicated to all members as the season unfolds.

Visit the LMHA Volunteer Page for links to sign up TODAY!  Leduc Minor Hockey Association : Website by RAMP InterActive (

  • You are responsible for completing the Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments that you choose from the above list.
  • If you change your email address it is your responsibility to update your account. 
  • If you cannot attend the event you signed up for, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement (friend or family member). No-shows will be charged a full volunteer credit through the players' RAMP account, which will be due IMMEDIATELY before the player can resume activities with their team. 
  • If you fail to fulfill your selected Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments, the players' registration account will be charged $250 for every Fundraising/Volunteer Commitment NOT MET. The next year's registration will not be accepted until the outstanding fees are paid in full, and the player may be subject to a late fee if paid after July 31st. 

Please Note:

1. Board Members of LMHA volunteer commitment count as the immediate family's Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments.  If you are a board member of LMHA, DO NOT sign up for any volunteer commitments.

2. Head Coaches count as all 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments.  You must first select your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments and submit a Coaching Application.  If you are selected to Head Coach by the Coach Selection Committee, contact the Administrator LMHA Administrator to remove your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments previously selected.

3. Assistant Coaches that LMHA pays to card count for 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments.  You must first select your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments and submit a Coaching Application.  If you are selected to Assistant Coach and the Hockey Alberta carding is paid for by LMHA, contact the Administrator LMHA Administrator to remove your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments previously selected.

 4.  Team Managers count as 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments.  You must first select your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments and submit a Manager Application.  If you are selected to Manage a team, contact the Administrator LMHA Administrator to remove your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments previously selected.

5.  Co-Managers count as 1 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitment.  You must first select your 2 Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments and submit a Manager Application.  If you are selected to Manage a team, contact the Administrator LMHA Administrator to remove 1 of your Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments previously selected.

We are looking forward to everyone's support this season to help make Minor Hockey in Leduc the best possible!

If there are any questions about Evaluations, please contact the Director of the division you are interested in volunteering for., in the middle of the page select Executives, and select the appropriate Director.

If there are any questions about Tournaments, please contact

If there are any questions about the online 50/50 Raffle please contact



If you are new to Leduc Minor Hockey Association the following additional information will be required:

1. Check the MAP to ensure that you reside within the Leduc Minor Hockey Boundaries.

2. A copy of the player's birth certificate is mandatory.

3. Two pieces of (Proof of Residency are required that have the address that is located within Leduc Minor Hockey Boundaries.  Proof of Residency can include:
        - Parent Driver's License with new Address
        - Utility Bill with New Address
        - School Registration with New Address

4. IF YOUR CHILD HAS PLAYED HOCKEY BEFORE AND YOU HAVE MOVED TO LEDUC - A Parent Declaration is required to be submitted online with proof of residency documentation attached online at make sure to enter the admin email in the last box so that LMHA will get a copy of the form and can apply for the transfer from your old association  If you forget, please forward your confirmation email to   The LMHA Administrator must apply for the players' transfer, and needs a copy of the online form in order in order to complete the application.

** Please remember that Leduc Minor Hockey does not support the manipulation of residency for the purpose of playing hockey and will support all of Hockey Alberta's investigations, initiatives, and penalties.

5. If you do not have a place to play in your resident association you will be required to provide a Player Movement Form.  Make sure that it is filled out in its entirety and has your Resident Minor Hockey President's signature.


Respect in Sport - In an ongoing effort to foster a safe and enjoyable environment for our athletes in this great game. Hockey Alberta implemented its Respect in Sport program platform in September 2012.  At least one parent or guardian of each player registered in minor hockey in Alberta will need to complete the online RIS Parent Program as a condition of their participation.  This course must be completed BEFORE you can register your child.

The online course will only take about 1 hour to complete with both audio and visual features that can be taken whenever you want and do not have to be completed all at once.  It will cost $12.60 to complete the course for each family unit and multiple children can be attached to each parent completed course. Please remember that the Coach Respect in Sport will NOT qualify for the Parents Respect in Sport requirement.  These are two separate courses.  To complete the online course simply CLICK HERE and follow the instructions provided.

Remember that it ONLY takes 1 hour and it is MANDATORY.

Should you have any questions about the course requirements please contact the Administrator at  If it is related to the completion of the course please contact the HELP DESK.



Only AFTER you have read and understood the above,  you can now proceed to register with Leduc Minor Hockey as follows:

Registration can ONLY be done online.  If you are unable to register online please contact the Administrator as follows:

Cindy Beck
Administrator - Leduc Minor Hockey Association

Please check the Leduc Minor Hockey Boundaries to ensure that you reside in our Minor Hockey Association Boundaries. According to Hockey Alberta rules, only those players that reside within these boundaries are able to register with Leduc Minor Hockey Association.  Please contact the Administrator at Administrator if you have any questions.

Registration Procedure is as follows:

IMPORTANT: You MUST register your child in the appropriate level by their year of Birth. For Example, if your child was born in 2013 you must register in Initiation as below. The movement of players to various levels can only be done with the approval of the association. Please contact the appropriate level director at the beginning of the season if you wish your child to play at a different level.

  LMHA does not accept 3-year-olds.  All Players MUST be born in 2016 or earlier to play hockey.
U7 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2016, 2017, or 2018
U9 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2014 or 2015
U11 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2012 or 2013
U13 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2010 or 2011
U15 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2008 or 2009
U18 (Male/Female) Birth Year 2005, 2006, 2007

1. Before you begin, please disable pop-up blockers on your computer as this may interfere with the registration process.

2. Go to our website registration page HERE

3. Login or sign up for a RAMP account. Only one account is necessary per family as you will be able to register multiple children within this one account.  Keep a record of the email and password used to create the family account as this will remain the same for future registrations.

4. Once you have created your account, an email will be sent to you for confirmation. You will be required to confirm your creation of this family account through this email. This account will now be yours for years to come and will not require re-creation each season unless your email address changes. If you do not receive this confirmation email,  please check your SPAM or JUNK MAIL as the confirmation email sometimes is placed in these folders.

5. Once you have confirmed your account you will now be able to register your children with Leduc Minor Hockey. Simply return to the website registration page  and log in to your newly created account.

6. If you have never registered a child through the website before, click on the New Registrant and then proceed through the steps. If you have registered a member previously their name will appear in the "My Registrants" box on the left side of the page, and you can simply click the register link beside their name. Then click the season you wish to register your child in.

7. Follow the steps in the registration for registering each of your children, paying particular attention to the questions, fundraising commitments, policies, procedures, and waivers, and check the "I Agree" check box to proceed.

8.  Once completed, you will now be taken to a summary screen where you may choose to print your receipt or email it. You can always access the registration history for any child through the "My Registrants" box on the left side of the screen, click the "History" link, and then select the season you wish to view. If you miss your emailed receipt, you can also access that here.

9. Once your online portion of the registration has been completed your registration is NOT complete until you have mailed the following information to Leduc Minor Hockey:

        a. If paying by Cheque or Post Dated Cheques, please mail the following to the Leduc Minor Hockey address below:

        - Registration Cheque (Post Dated Cheque or Cheques to October 15th, 2022 at the latest)
        - You are welcome to pay in installments throughout the summer by sending post-dated cheques.
        - All Information required if New to our Association, see above

        b. If you paid by Visa or Mastercard you are DONE unless you are new to the association, and therefore you need to mail the following to the address below:

        - All Information required if New to our Association, see above

        c. If paying by Cash please contact the Administrator at or the Financial Administrator at for delivery of payment, along with the following information:

        - All Information required if New to our Association, see above 

Please send the information above within 15 days of registration or your registration may become NULL & VOID. 

Mail to:

Leduc Minor Hockey Association
P.O. Box 3876
Leduc, Alberta
T9E 6M8
Att: Administrator

Or if you wish to Hand Deliver please contact the Administrator to make the necessary arrangements as follows:

Cindy Beck -
Phone:  780-394-0722


1. Registration fees for the 2022-23 hockey season have been posted below.

2. Early Bird Registration deadline is July 31.  A non-refundable LATE FEE of $200 will be applied to all registrations of returning players after July 31.

3. Post-dated cheque(s) are accepted up to October 15th. Remember that you can set up your own payment schedule throughout the summer months with your post-dated cheques.  Please contact the Financial Administrator for information,

4. Post-dated Credit Card payments are accepted as broken down by Leduc Minor Hockey.  If paying by Credit Card installments, please ensure that the credit card being used does not expire until after October 1st.  The payment schedule is as follows and is shown to you at the time when selected:

    If Registering by July 31:
    * 50% of remaining Due on day of registration
    * 50% of remaining Due on Sept 15.

    If Existing LMHA Members register after July 31 it is essentially as follows:
    * 50% Plus $200.00 NON_REFUNDABLE Late Fee due at time of Registration
    * 50% Due on Sept 15.

If Registering after October 1st, full payment is required.

Please contact the Administrator should you have any questions regarding credit card post-dated payments.

6. A NON-REFUNDABLE late fee of $200.00 will be applied to all registrations received after the registration deadline of July 31. This additional fee does not apply to first-time registrants to our Association.

7. We will try to cash all cheques within two weeks of the date of the cheque.

8. All NSF cheques are subject to a $25 Fee and must be cleared within two weeks of notice. In addition, all playing privileges will be suspended immediately until the players' account has been settled.  This may include suspension from evaluations. It is the responsibility of the parents to contact the Financial Administrator to clear up the account and to return their account to a member in good standing.  Once completed the Financial Administrator will notify those required to return playing privileges. Once an NSF cheque has been received the account must be cleared using CASH.


The Association shall provide for membership a refund of registration fees for various circumstances.

  • 16.14 Refunds for players withdrawing from the program will be paid, upon written application to the Administrator, on a pro-rated basis as determined by the LMHA Board.
  • 16.15 Players suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons shall be ineligible for a refund of fees.
  • 16.16 Refunds from the registration date and prior to the time that the player has participated in any on-ice activity shall be 100% of the registration fee paid.
  • 16.17 Refunds from the registration date and prior to the time that the player has been registered on a team but has begun participation or tryouts will be pro-rated less the $25.00 administration fee.
  • 16.18 Refunds after a player has been carded on a team will have a minimum of $100.00 deducted for the LMHA Administration Fee, Registration Fees, and the Hockey Alberta Carding Fee. In addition, a prorated refund amount will be calculated on the remainder based on participation. The Administrator will provide the details at the time of refund.
  • 16.19 The Administrator and Financial Administrator in joint are charged with the responsibility of using reasonable discretion with respect to portioned months.
  • 16.20 For players withdrawing because of personal injury, the minimum $25.00 administration fee will not be charged. (All prorating and carding fees, based on participation, will still apply)
  • 16.21 For players withdrawing because of a residential move outside of LMHA’s boundaries, the $25 admin fee will not be charged. Proof of new residence will be required along with a written application to withdraw. (All prorating and carding fees, based on participation, will still apply)
  • 16.22 Late Fees are non-refundable.
  • 16.23 No refunds will be allowed after December 31. The Hockey Alberta Carding fee, once paid, is not refundable to Leduc Minor Hockey

LMHA refund policies for events (ie: camps, ID skates)

  • 16.24 All LMHA-hosted camps or development skates that require payment shall be paid for in full before the athlete can participate.
  • 16.25 If camp registration is cancelled 30 days or more prior to the camp start date, the athlete will be eligible for a full refund minus a 20% admin fee (based on the price of the camp).
  • 16.26 In the event that camp registration is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the start of camp due to injury or illness, the athlete shall notify LMHA in writing and present a doctor's certificate to LMHA within 1 week of the written notification. LMHA shall review the request and apply full or partial refund minus a 20% admin fee (based on the price of the camp).
  • 16.27 If camp registration is cancelled during camp, due to illness or injury incurred during camp, the athlete must notify LMHA in writing and present a doctor's certificate to LMHA within 1 week of the written notification. LMHA shall review the request to determine eligibility for a pro-rated refund minus a 20% admin fee (based on the price of the camp).
  • 16.28 If camp registration is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the start of camp without a doctor’s certificate (doctor's note), the athlete will not be eligible for a refund.
  • 16.29 In the event that an LMHA camp or development skate is cancelled by the association a full refund with no service charge penalties will be issued.

REGISTRATION FOR 2022-23 will be open July 1, 2022


Please register by July 31 to avoid the late payment fee of $200.


CLICK HERE to register for Spring Break Skater Camps March 27-31, 2023


2022-23 Registration Fees



Upcoming Events

Jul. 01, 2023 12:00 AM to Jul. 31, 2023 11:59 PM

Registration OPEN!
Registration for all Leduc Minor Hockey teams & Leduc Minor Hockey Tryouts opens July 1st!

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