Female Rec. Teams

2020-21 Registration Information - LMHA Female Hockey

Jul. 01 - 2019


NEW LMHA registration process for females in the 2020-21 season.  



All resident and import athletes can register in LMHA RAMP registration system beginning on June 21, 2020.  Details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.



  • Successful registration in LMHA RAMP does not guarantee a roster spot on a Leduc female team. 
  • During registration, female athletes must choose Female or Co-ed hockey.
  • The following information is accurate under normal circumstances. In 2020-21 any of the following information may be subject to change due to COVID-19 regulations and protocols mandated by government and/or hockeys governing bodies.  These changes may occur with little or no warning.




LMHA                            Leduc Minor Hockey Association


NCI Elite                       North Central Impact Female Elite Hockey (U18AA and U15AA)


HCR                              Hockey Canada Registry number


Resident Athlete          Females residing within Leduc MHA boundary


Import Athlete             Females residing outside Leduc's MHA boundary whose Resident MHA does not have a female team in her age division and is seeking opportunity to play in LMHA 

                                  (Note: The definition of Import is different for North Central Impact Female Elite Hockey as the zone for NCI includes 22 MHAs from Jasper to New Sarepta, Beaumont to Camrose)



About Registration  


Is there a deadline to register? Are there late fees?

  • Early Registration is from June 21 - July 31, 2020
  • Resident Athlete registrations received after July 31, 2020 are subject to a non-refundable $200 late fee. 
  • Import Athlete registrations received after July 31, 2020 is not subject to the late fee.
  • Please see LMHA website 'Registration' tab for full details. 


Is it true that Leduc may not have enough room for all Leduc girls who want to play female hockey?

Yes.  Beginning in the 2020-21 season, it is very possible that Leduc could have too many resident female athletes for one team but not enough for two teams, in various age divisions. 

It is strongly advised that if a resident athlete is only interested in playing female hockey in Leduc, she should register as early as possible to increase her chances of making the roster. 


Why do I need to declare female or co-ed hockey when I register?

It is important for planning purposes to know how many co-ed and female teams LMHA expects to have in the coming season.  This information is required by leagues and for ice allocation.

Player movement from co-ed to female could impact the viability of teams (i.e. the departure of a single athlete could result in a whole team folding).  Furthermore, LMHA does not support player movement requests (between co-ed and female) based on athlete evaluation ranking, or displeasure with her assigned team, etc.

If a female athlete only wishes to play female hockey at the Elite level (not in the minor levels), then she should choose co-ed in the RAMP Registration. 


Can I change my mind about choosing female or co-ed?

LMHA females have until August 16 to make changes in their registration re: female or co-ed. 

Any female making a change from her original registration will be subject to (or refunded) the $50 evaluation fee associated with co-ed evaluations.  

Changes to registration after August 16 can be requested in writing to the LMHA Team Selection/Player Evaluation Committee.  However, it should be noted that changes will only be approved in rare situations with truly exceptional circumstances exist.


Can an athlete be registered in two Associations?

Yes.  RAMP Registration and similar registration platforms/methods are internal registration tools.  LMHA will allow a female athlete to be registered in Leduc RAMP even if she is registered elsewhere.

RAMP registration is not the same as a Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) registration.  Every athlete has only one HCR number and thus can only be a member in one MHA.  HCR registrations are not completed until after team/player selection is confirmed in late September / early October.   


I want to try out for North Central Impact Elite Female Hockey but if I am unsuccessful I want to return to co-ed hockey.  Should I select female or co-ed when I register?

In this case, a resident athlete should select Co-ed in her registration.  She will still be allowed to register and participate in NCI Elite tryouts.  Import athletes should discuss this with their MHA Administrator/Registrar.


Why does LMHA change its registration process every year?

LMHA has experienced exponential growth in female membership.  Interest in playing female hockey is also growing in the region surrounding Leduc, resulting in increased demand from import athletes to play female hockey in Leduc at all age divisions. 

It is important for LMHA to adapt to this demand with registration processes that support the development of the female game.

LMHA expects this trend will continue.  In the coming years, LMHA registration process will continue to evolve in pursuit of the best way to support female hockey growth in Leduc and surrounding region.  LMHA first priority is to LMHA resident athletes. 


Why does Leduc want female import athletes to register if they cannot guarantee them a roster spot?

RAMP registration provides LMHA with an accurate picture of how many girls are interested in playing female hockey in the Leduc region, in all age divisions.  This will inform LMHA season planning and also provide some registration priority information to the Player/Team Selection Committee.  It is also helpful in letting other Associations know if Leduc has room for some of their excess registrations or if there will be athletes from the region looking for a team.




About Import Athletes, Player Movement, & Transfers

What is a transfer?

When an import athlete has received confirmation of, and accepts, a roster spot on an LMHA team, the LMHA Administrator will request a transfer of the athlete Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) from her resident MHA into LMHA. She will then officially be registered with Hockey Canada as an athlete in LMHA for the 2020-21 season.


I played for Leduc Roughnecks last year.  Am I still considered to be an Import?  Is my HCR already in LMHA?

Yes, you are still considered to be an Import. 

Transfers are only in place for one season.  LMHA returns all HCRs to Resident Associations at the end of the season.  The process must be repeated every season.


My Resident MHA does not have a female team for my age division.  Do I register in my Resident MHA or in LMHA?

All athletes are expected to register in their Resident MHA every year.  However, each MHA can choose how it will manage its registration process for female athletes.  At a minimum, every female athlete should be communicating with her Resident MHA Registrar/Administrator to explain her intentions for the season and seek guidance on the required Resident MHA registration process.

A female athlete can also register in LMHA RAMP during this time, as a means of indicating her interest to play in LMHA.  The LMHA RAMP registration date is one factor used to determine player/team selection.  Thus, registering early may be advantageous.

Even import athletes who played in LMHA in 2019-20 must communicate &/or register with their Resident MHA.


My Resident MHA has a female team for my age division but I would rather play for Leduc.  Can I just register in Leduc?

No.  If your Resident MHA has a female team in your age division, it is expected that you will play for your Resident Association team. 

The Hockey Alberta Player Movement process must be followed and your Resident MHA may decline your request to transfer to Leduc if they have a female team in your age division.  Details about the Hockey Alberta Player Movement Process can be found on www.hockeyalberta.ca

You can‘register in Leduc RAMP registration system as a means of letting Leduc know your desire to play in Leduc, but registration in Leduc RAMP does not mean you are approved to play in Leduc nor will it influence your Resident MHA decision to approve the player movement request. 


Should I register in Leduc to hold my spot on the Leduc team just in case my Resident MHA approves my transfer? 

Team selection for import athletes is not based solely on first come first serve basis but registration date is one of the factors considered.  Early registration in Leduc RAMP may be advantageous if your player movement request is approved.


I have played female hockey in Leduc for many years. Am I still considered to be an Import?

Yes, you are still an Import.  The only circumstance where an athlete residing within another MHA boundary is no longer considered to be an Import is if she has been awarded Permanent Release by Hockey Alberta and has been accepted into LMHA as a resident athlete.   


I am a female import athlete.  Can I transfer into Leduc to play co-ed hockey?  

No. 'Import female' are only eligible to transfer into Leduc for female hockey.  Some exceptions may apply (e.g. no co-ed team in her age division in her Resident MHA).


About Team Selection

How will female team selection be determined?

The following assumes only one team in the age division:

  • Team selection for Resident Athletes IS based solely on a 'first come first registered' basis.
  • Team selection for Import Athletes is NOT based solely on a 'first come first registered' basis.   
  • Team selection for import athletes will take into consideration:
    • proximity to Leduc and to other Associations with female teams in respective age division
    • opportunity & suitability to overage/underage athletes within LMHA female teams
    • chronological order of registration
    • prior history playing in LMHA 
    • other circumstances.

What happens if Leduc has too many resident athletes for one team but not enough for two teams in any particular age division?

If there is not enough room to accommodate all resident athletes on one team, the athletes who cannot be accommodated can be offered a:

  • switch to LMHA co-ed hockey, or
  • one year transfer to next closest Association with openings in that age division.

Pending the right circumstances, LMHA may also be able to overage/underage some athletes within LMHA female teams to accommodate as many resident athletes as possible.


If Leduc has enough athletes in an age division to make two or more female teams, how will teams be selected?

This will be determined by the LMHA Board of Directors should this situation arise.  There are two options: parity teams or skill based teams. 


When will Leduc's female teams be selected?

 Leduc's female team selections will be made after August 16 by LMHA's Team Selection/Player Evaluation Committee.   Families will receive direct communication from the VP Female (or designate) as soon as possible thereafter.


What if there is no room on a Leduc team for me?  Is it possible I will not have a female team to join?

Leduc is committed to helping all female athletes find a place to play.  Leduc VP Female and Female Directors are in frequent communication with all surrounding Associations that have female teams, including but not limited to St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park/Strathcona, Edmonton, Beaumont, Wetaskiwin, and Camrose. 

In the pre-season, these Associations communicate regularly in order to understand numbers, i.e. who is need of female athletes and who has too many female athletes.   All of these Associations are committed to growing the female game by supporting our female athletes in finding a place to play.


If there is no room for me in Leduc, will this be communicated early enough so that I could attend A/B tryouts in another Association?

Through regular communication, LMHA Female Directors make every effort to be informed about upcoming try out dates in other Associations.  LMHA Player/Team Selection Committee will do its very best to make timely decisions.


I want to try out for NCI Elite Female Hockey.  My resident MHA is not Leduc.  Do I need to register in Leduc MHA in order to try out for NCI?

No, it is not necessary for you to register in LMHA in order to try out for NCI. 

However, if you are unsuccessful in making an Elite team and Leduc is your next closest Association with a female team in your age division (in accordance with Hockey Alberta’s Player Movement process), then Yes, you would want to register in Leduc. 


About Co-ed and Female Hockey

What is the maximum size of LMHA female teams?

LMHA maximum team size for female and co-ed teams is 19: 17 skaters + 2 goalies (exception U11, U9 and U7)


What is the minimum size of Leduc female teams?

Leduc does not have a stated minimum team size.  Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis every year.  Viability is a key consideration.


If an import athlete registers before a Leduc athlete does that mean the Leduc athlete could be bumped from the roster by an Import? 

Females who reside within Leduc MHA boundaries will have registration priority up to August 16.  If a Leduc athlete registers after August 16, she will not be able to displace an import athlete from the roster. 


Is it possible that an import athlete can take away a spot from a Leduc athlete?

No.  As long as a Leduc female registers by August 16, she will have team selection priority over an import athlete.  Exception: Leduc female athlete who registers after August 16 will not have registration priority over import athletes who registered prior to August 16.


If I only want to play female hockey but LMHA rosters are full, where can I play?  What do I need to do?

Playing female hockey is an option that is available to every girl in Alberta. 

If LMHA teams are full and there is no viable option for underage/overage, the athlete can request Player Movement (one year transfer) to join a female team in the next closest another Association that has a female team in her age division.  Visit the Hockey Alberta website to download the proper Player Movement Request Forms.  For information, contact the VP Female at vpfemale@lmha.ab.ca


Can I participate in NCI Elite and LMHA or LJAC co-ed tryouts concurrently?

No, athletes must only be active in one tryout at a time.  Resident athletes should choose their tryouts based on their preferred place to play (co-ed or female). 

If an athlete begins tryouts but is unsuccessful in securing a roster spot, she would then contact the appropriate Directors of the other tryouts to request entry into those try-outs.  Please keep in mind that by the time decisions are made in female, co-ed tryouts may already be finalized (and vice versa) 

It is strongly advised that athletes considering consecutive co-ed and female tryouts communicate with Directors in advance of tryouts to learn the try outs dates, processes, and procedures for both organizations.


Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Submit your question to vpfemale@lmha.ab.ca


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