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  • Shall be the liaison and resource person for all registration matters pertaining to their team for the registrar, LMHA (i.e. team sheets, player/coach carding, and affiliationaensure appropriately complete and filed with registrar)
  • Shall contact LMHA's secretary to obtain passwords to run the LMHA team's webpage. All staff & player information must be entered in ASAP and kept up to date all year long.
  • Obtain the cards, team sheets at commencement of season; return all un-used cards to the LMHA registrar
  • Ensure registration forms are completed and accurate before player commences any ice sessions (conditioning camps, tryouts, regular season) i.e. Alberta Health Care #, correct address, correct age, insurance
  • Provide any information and communication from LMHA to the coaches, parents and players (if applicable)
  • Assist & correct carding/affiliation, team sheet process. Be the liaison and resource person between Hockey Alberta to LMHA registrar
  • Ensure that travel permits are obtained for each exhibition or tournament played outside of Zone 4 (please contact our Risk Management:
  • Develop and distribute communication package for the parents of team players. This will include practices, games & tournaments, and ice schedules for their team 
  • Set up a joint bank account with a non-carded parent (ie: Non-Coach) on the team. One of the two bank signers must keep track of all team finances throughout the year - documenting all transactions, keeping receipts/proofs of payments, sending out information to the team & director on a monthly basis and hand into the treasurer at the end of the year. (see Finances)
  • Shall maintain a legible & accurate and accounting ledger to ensure the financial affairs of the team are properly documented.Accounting Ledger is found on the Team Banking Information & Finances page - PLEASE USE ONLY THIS LEDGER.  (see Finances
  • Shall compile and distribute an up-to-date financial statement MONTHLY TO TEAM PARENTS AND DIRECTOR.
  • Complete injury/incident reports as needed and forward to Risk Manager (
  • Be familiar with suspension procedures/guidelines
  • Shall clearly communicate the vision and objectives of LMHA whenever possible.





If you require assistance anytime throughout the season please contact one of the manger mentors listed below who have a lot of experience in the manager position.

Cindy Beck -

Ebony Bayrack - 780.982.5883  

Sharon Losing - 780.986.5514



The LMHA website is to be utilized throughout the entire season, it is very useful and helpful.  Your password for your specific team homepage will be given to you by the LMHA Secretary -  If you need any assistance getting started on your homepage please contact the secretary or one of the persons above.

For League information go to LINKS on the LMHA website, then under League Links you will find your appropriate League, all teams are under the 1660 league except for Bantam AA, Midget AA, female hockey and LJAC teams.  Please check the league website immediately and often for preseason (tiering) schedule.  Game books from your league should come from our President or level Director.

To link your team game schedule from 1660 to your TEAM page:

Here are the steps:
-Log in to RAMPbook from the LMHA website (If you do not have an account, you can create one)
-If your athlete is not listed for the current year 2015/2016, go to the menu on the left and click on Search Athlete and enter info
-If your athlete is listed click on your athlete
-On the menu click on Sync Calendars
-Follow the instructions to Sync your device

Every time you go in with your Administration Login and update your website, it will automatically update what's on RAMPbook.



An initial meeting should be set up shortly following the formation of the team. Ideally, the manager should be in place before the initial team meeting, which should also discuss the seasonal plans and preliminary budget.  This helps to ensure that all parents understand the commitment, both time and financial (including tournaments), up-front and before the season commences.  An agenda should be done up which may include some of the following points for discussion:

  • Volunteer Positions - Game/practice jerseys, water bottles, treasurer (if manager does not want to do this it must be the other non carded parent that has signing authority), home game music, time/score keeper schedule.  Once all volunteer positions are filled the manager should distribute a list stating the names and position for the team.
  • Code of Conduct - Having a code of conduct will ensure consistency when dealing with any team issues that may arise.  The code of conduct should be discussed as part of the expectations for parents and players during the first meeting.  Some topics for the code of conduct may be:
  1. Conduct at practices, games, events, team functions
  2. Locker room conduct and procedures (prior to game, after game, clean-up)
  3. Team attitude (coach, players and parents ethic codes)
  4. Respect
  5. Harassment
  6. Drugs/alcohol/foul language
  • Tournaments - how many tournaments to attend close to town and overnight
  • Start-up fees - a set amount to be paid by all families to start the season off, if there is money left over at the end of the season refunds may be give to each family but is not to exceed the amount that was initially put in per family.
  • Ice-time/shortening the bench - the coach will want to discuss this in a very clear manner as this can be the cause of a lot of issues later on in the season.
  • Dress Code - pre-game outfit, warm-up attire.
  • Arrival times - coaches expectation for arrival before practices and games, parents in dressing room before and after games.
  • Team Communication - how the manager will communicate to the team, and short notice changes.  Who should be contacted if a player is going to be late or absent.
  • Disputes - any issues that arise should be dealt with after a 24 hour cooling off period.  The issue should be brought to the team manager first, than the coach can be brought in if necessary.  If the issue cannot be dealt with at a team level, the manager should contact their level director.

Be sure that a copy of the minutes for this meeting go out to each family after the meeting and have a list made up of every person that was in attendance.



A team contact list should be made up as soon as possible after the team is formed.  Be sure that this list has each players name and jersey number on it as well as each parents name, home phone number and cell phone number.  You may want to add the parents volunteer responsibility to this list as well so the team knows who is in charge of what on the team.  It is a good idea to have small laminated cards made up as well to fit in parents wallets in case they need to contact someone while on route to a game or tournament.



To find a list of tournaments for Alberta, go to:



There may come a time where a Team Manager will have to act as a liaison between the team parents and coaches to resolve disputes.  The parent should be comfortable knowing they can bring concerns to the Team Manager for any reason - equal playing time, coaching tactics, harassment, etc.  The team Manager should work with the coach and parents to first try to resolve disputes at the team level.  Open communication, consistency, and mediation by the Team Manager are key.  If a dispute cannot be resolved at the team level, the Team Manager will have to contact their Level Director for the next appropriate step.



When a player receives a penalty which could warrant a game(s) suspension, the League Governor for your level will send a suspension notice to our association President and in some cases to the team manager as well.  You will have to sign this form and send back to the governor.  If there is any question at all if the player is suspended and you have not received a suspension notice, please do not allow the player to play in a game until you have received confirmation from either the League Governor or association President.  Also ensure that if the player is serving a suspension that this is noted beside his/her name on the roster for the game.  ie: John Smith  (susp 1 of 2 and put a line through his name to notify that he is not playing.

If there are any suspensions from exhibition games the notice of suspension will come from Daryl Pickering.



After an exhibition game that an LMHA team hosts and you have gotten a permit for, the gamesheet MUST be sent to our Zone 4 Discipline Coordinator, Daryl Pickering.  His email is: His phone number is: 1-403-598-7255. If there are any suspensions from exhibition games the notice of suspension will come from Daryl.

After you attend a tournament or exhibition game out of Zone 4 that you received a permit to participate in, the gamesheet MUST be sent to our Zone 4 Discipline Coordinator, Daryl Pickering.  His email is: . His phone number is: 1-403-598-7255. If there are any suspensions from exhibition games the notice of suspension will come from Daryl.



Team Managers are required to obtain travel permits for any exhibition games or tournaments that are played outside of your Zone.  Leduc is in Zone 4, a map can be found on the website showing the towns that are included in Zone 4.  Any league games played outside of Zone 4 do not require a permit.  If you have any questions at all please contact your Risk Manager -  Any special events performed as a team as well require a permit, ie: off-ice conditioning, team meals, parties or traveling to watch a sporting event.



Each player/coach should fill out a medical information sheet, these forms can be found on the LMHA website.  These forms should be kept with the team medical bag at all times in a sealed envelope.  Having the medical sheets close can provide important information in the case of an emergency, as well as provide contact information for family physicians and emergency contacts when the parents are unavailable.



In the case of any accident/injury, a report must be submitted to Hockey Alberta within 90 days of the date of the incident.  The Team Manager should carry blank injury forms at all times (the form is attached to this email), this form needs to be filled out immediately, if the player needs medical attention the form should accompany them to the hospital for the doctor/dentist to fill out at the time.  If the form is not available please ensure that name, address and phone number of the attending physician is written down so the form can be mailed to them.  Once the form is filled out entirely a copy should be kept in the managers files and the original should be given to the Risk Manager to send onto Hockey Alberta.



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Team Financial Ledger
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